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Cellular phones are becoming more and more popular in Belize and just about everyone has one. Thatís why we are happy to offer phone credit to both individuals and businesses looking for an opportunity to offer Belize phone credit to their customers.

 Buca offers fone topupDIGICELL TOPUP

Now offering DigiCellís TopUp, a real-time electronic recharge system that allows agents to provide electronic pins or directly top up a PrePaid home phone or DigiCell PrePaid phone with any value from $1.00 up.  Download here for more information.


We offer both DigiCell and SMART phone cards, wholesale and retail. Whether you need a large quantity to resell or just one for yourself. We also sell DigiCell Simpacks(Chip) for your DigiCell phone.


SMART's Gimme Dalla Service is another convenient way to recharge a SMART prepaid account, directly adding credits to your cell phone from $1.00 up.


If you are interested in becoming a DigiCell or SMART agent by:

  • Having a DigiCell SMS printer
  • Registering your personal DigiCellcell phone to become a mobile agent
  • Registering your personal Computer to sell credits
  • or having a Smart Gimme Dalla terminal

For your business, we can take care of everything for you

  • Processing/Registration
  • Installation
  • Training

Contact us today and start bringing extra income to your business.

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